using mobilyze in the field


Using Mobilyze in the Field



Mobilyze is BlackBag Technologies’ mobile device triage tool designed to be easy enough to use without any advanced forensic training.

Reliable, powerful, and forensically sound, Mobilyze analyzes Android and iOS devices and provides investigators quick access to the data in the field. Mobilyze can be installed on any computer and on most Windows based tablet devices.  



Child Exploitation: Convicted Sex Offender

Child Exploitation Sex Offender.jpg

After a convicted sex offender is suspected of breaching his parole conditions, a parole officer contacts the police. One parole condition, amongst other restrictions, is the sex offender isn’t allowed to be in presence of minors.  

Officers from the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force visit the sex offender at his residence to follow-up on the parole officer’s concerns. At the residence, the officers find an iPhone 5s in the male’s possession. Through Mobilyze and in real time, the officers perform a logical acquisition and acquire a full data collection. After examining the mobile data through various categories, filters, searches, and views, no evidence that the parole conditions have been breached is found. 

A couple of days later local parents contact police to report sightings of a suspicious male at a playground taking photos and videos of children. These sightings follow similar previous reports. Police officers follow up on the reports and apprehend a male, near the playground, fitting the description of the male reported. A background check reveals he is in the sex offenders registry, and the same male ICAC officers recently visited. This time an Android (Sony Xperia X) is in his possession. On suspicion of breaking his parole conditions, the male is arrested. At the scene, this mobile device is triaged and acquired through Mobilyze. Performing only a limited data collection, the officers examine photos, videos, and geolocation data. 

Through Mobilyze’s easy to use graphical interface, the officers find sound evidence confirming the convicted sex offender has breached his parole conditions by being in the presence of minors at the playground. The officers securely preserve all relevant user data in a forensically sound manner and take the sex offender into custody.

For more information about Mobilyze contact a member of the BlackBag Sales Team.  Or why not sign up for the Certified Mobilyze Operators class and get certified to use Mobilyze today! It’s free, it only takes 90 minutes and you’ll receive a 30 day demo license for Mobilyze.

BlackBag Technologies always recommends following standard procedures laid out by your organization when using Mobilyze to collect data. We recommend (where possible) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cables or high quality generic cables to gather mobile data when using Mobilyze.