using mobilyze in the field


Using Mobilyze in the Field



Mobilyze is BlackBag Technologies’ mobile device triage tool designed to be easy enough to use without any advanced forensic training.

Reliable, powerful, and forensically sound, Mobilyze analyzes Android and iOS devices and provides investigators quick access to the data in the field. Mobilyze can be installed on any computer and on most Windows based tablet devices.  



Child Exploitation: Internet Predators

Internet Predators.jpg

A 12-year-old girl has been spending a lot of time after school in online chat rooms. She meets someone claiming to also be a “teenage girl.” Over time they become good friends and their conversations move from the internet to a messaging app, Kik. Since she is a minor, her parents still monitor her smartphone and iPad activity, and are curious about this new friend they have never met. Her parents see messages from the “teenage girl” asking her to meet at their local park secretly and not to tell her parents.

Her parents contact local law enforcement and provide them with the text messages that are given to the ICAC Task Force. The contents of the messages match a current suspected child predator in an active case they are currently working. The ICAC Task Force serves a warrant on the suspect’s home. At the home, the officers find an unlocked Android smartphone belonging to the suspect.

All of the Task Force officers have been trained on Mobilyze and have completed the 90-minute certified training online. One of the officers securely acquires the Android, and during the live acquisition is able to view messages, photos, geolocations, and other items of evidentiary value. The officer reviews messages sent via Kik, and sees the messages sent to the 12-year-old girl asking her to meet alone.

Using Mobilyze, the ICAC Task Force preserves incriminating evidence that can be lost if the devices are collected and sent to be processed at a lab. Without the need for in-depth training, the officers quickly gained vital intelligence in their case against a suspected child predator.

For more information about Mobilyze contact a member of the BlackBag Sales Team.  Or why not sign up for the Certified Mobilyze Operators class and get certified to use Mobilyze today! It’s free, it only takes 90 minutes and you’ll receive a 30 day demo license for Mobilyze.

BlackBag Technologies always recommends following standard procedures laid out by your organization when using Mobilyze to collect data. We recommend (where possible) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cables or high quality generic cables to gather mobile data when using Mobilyze.