using mobilyze in the field


Using Mobilyze in the Field



Mobilyze is BlackBag Technologies’ mobile device triage tool designed to be easy enough to use without any advanced forensic training.

Reliable, powerful, and forensically sound, Mobilyze analyzes Android and iOS devices and provides investigators quick access to the data in the field. Mobilyze can be installed on any computer and on most Windows based tablet devices.  



Child Exploitation: SexTING

Child Exploitation Sexting.jpg

A mother noticed a change in the behavior of her teenage daughter. She had become introverted and was continuously claiming to be sick in order to avoid attending school.  Upon further discussion with her daughter, she shared that her boyfriend had been pressuring her for nude photos. He had told her that is what girlfriends do, so she sent him the photos. Her boyfriend shared the photos with her school friends, and she was now being bullied. The teenage girl was so embarrassed that she refused to go to the local police station.

Her mother contacted local law enforcement, and officers went to their home. The teenage girl was very reluctant to talk with the police or speak ill of her boyfriend. All the local officers were trained on Mobilyze, and asked the girl if they could take a look at her phone. With her permission, officers were able to view the data of the iPhone within minutes.

The officers discovered the sexually explicit photos and videos of the teenage girl that had been shared with her boyfriend. Using a date filter during acquisition, they were also able to quickly see recent threatening messages from her peers.

Officers were able to efficiently acquire evidence of sexting between the two teenagers, without seizing the device or bringing them into the station. Without the need for specialized equipment, the officers quickly gathered forensically sound evidence to assist in their investigation of ‘sexting’ and the illegal exchange of nude photos of a minor.

For more information about Mobilyze contact a member of the BlackBag Sales Team.  Or why not sign up for the Certified Mobilyze Operators class and get certified to use Mobilyze today! It’s free, it only takes 90 minutes and you’ll receive a 30 day demo license for Mobilyze.

BlackBag Technologies always recommends following standard procedures laid out by your organization when using Mobilyze to collect data. We recommend (where possible) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cables or high quality generic cables to gather mobile data when using Mobilyze.