using mobilyze in the field


Using Mobilyze in the Field



Mobilyze is BlackBag Technologies’ mobile device triage tool designed to be easy enough to use without any advanced forensic training.

Reliable, powerful, and forensically sound, Mobilyze analyzes Android and iOS devices and provides investigators quick access to the data in the field. Mobilyze can be installed on any computer and on most Windows based tablet devices.  



Child Exploitation: Sexual Abuse Investigation

Mobilyze for Child Abuse Investigators.jpeg

At a local public school, a young boy’s grades have started to slip and his classroom participation has decreased. Teachers begin to notice, and his school counselor asks the student if anything is wrong at school or home. The young boy eventually admits that his new step-father is sexually abusing him at home.

The school counselor reports the abuse to the local police department who sends out their School Resource Officer. The officer meets with the school counselor and student, and they discuss the situation at home. It becomes apparent to the officer that the boy has a personal cellphone in which he communicates with his step-father.

In the privacy of the school counselor’s office, the officer acquires the young boy’s phone with Mobilyze. He is quickly able to uncover text messages discussing specific incidents of sexual abuse. Without the suspected step-father becoming aware of the situation and potentially destroying evidence, the officer is able to gather and preserve forensically sound evidence at a local public school.

Mobilyze provides investigators and child protection specialists with a reliable, powerful, and forensically sound tool to efficiently gather data. Through Mobilyze, investigators can quickly discover key pieces of information, such as pictures, videos, messages, social messages, voicemails, geolocation, metadata, and WiFi networks.

For more information about Mobilyze contact a member of the BlackBag Sales Team.  Or why not sign up for the Certified Mobilyze Operators class and get certified to use Mobilyze today! It’s free, it only takes 90 minutes and you’ll receive a 30 day demo license for Mobilyze.

BlackBag Technologies always recommends following standard procedures laid out by your organization when using Mobilyze to collect data. We recommend (where possible) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cables or high quality generic cables to gather mobile data when using Mobilyze.