Human Trafficking Investigation

Mobilyze for Human Trafficking Investigators

Human trafficking is a scourge on society, with Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies working to combat this crime and assist victims in escaping their oppressors.  

Investigators are checking an online classified site known to host advertisements for prostitutes in their area.  A new ad appears on the site. A young-looking female called

“Amber” indicates she is available for in-calls or out-calls. Investigators have never seen this female advertised before.  

Undercover officers make contact with “Amber”, and arrange to meet her at a hotel the officers choose. “Amber” arrives at the hotel and is met by officers.  Although initially she is hesitant to speak, she eventually comes around.  She tells officers she met “Her Man” while visiting the city from her small town. He invited her and her friend to a party, where he supplied her

 with drugs.  She started seeing “Her Man” over the next few weeks.  

“Amber” tells officers that he is also new in town having come from another part of the country. She says that after a period of going out with “Her Man” he forced her to work for him.  “Amber” is scared as she has been beaten and sexually assaulted by “Her Man”.  She shows officers a picture of “Her Man” and messages from him to her providing “Amber” with addresses and times to meet clients.  She says the iPhone she is using belongs to “Her Man”, who gave it to her to keep track of her.

The Undercover officers have been trained in Mobilyze.  “Amber” agrees to allow officers to acquire her phone. After noting pertinent information about the iPhone, data is captured using Mobilyze. Evidence retrieved from “Amber’s” iPhone, including messages, pictures, and call logs, assist officers in developing a case against “Her Man”.

Gathering data quickly and efficiently in cases with reluctant or scared witnesses assists with further investigations.  In this case, the scared victim may never have attended a police station to hand her phone over to investigators to analyze.  As the investigators had Mobilyze they were able to gather the sensitive data quickly and discretely without the victim needing to go to the Police station.  

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