using mobilyze in the field


Using Mobilyze in the Field



Mobilyze is BlackBag Technologies’ mobile device triage tool designed to be easy enough to use without any advanced forensic training.

Reliable, powerful, and forensically sound, Mobilyze analyzes Android and iOS devices and provides investigators quick access to the data in the field. Mobilyze can be installed on any computer and on most Windows based tablet devices.  



Burglary investigation


After a spate of burglaries in a metropolitan Australian city, a suspect is apprehended at a house during an attempted burglary. At the time of his arrest for attempted burglary, a mobile phone is discovered in his possession and the first responders secure this phone for examination back at the police station. 

Given the similarities of the attempted burglary with other burglaries in the vicinity, investigators plug the suspect’s Android mobile device into their system running Mobilyze. Through the simple and user-friendly nature of Mobilyze, the investigators know they can immediately acquire and examine mobile data from this smart device. They perform this data acquisition without having to request assistance from their high-tech unit, which currently has a 3-month backlog of other data examinations. The investigators perform a full data collection through Mobilyze and examine the mobile digital data, primarily looking at geolocation data. 

Knowing the addresses of the previous crime scenes, the investigators filter and search for FourSquare Swarm data on the suspect’s Android smartphone.  Using the built-in Google Maps GPS pane within Mobilyze, investigators quickly build up a picture of the suspect’s movements, which are date and time stamped, in locations close to the previous burglaries. With limited training and minimal digital forensics experience, investigators acquire critical mobile evidence in a short time period in respect to the other burglaries. Investigators tag the evidence they have collected and filtered and export their report. 

With the strong evidence against the suspect in the initial burglary he was arrested for, they now confidentially question him about the other burglaries based on his geolocation check-ins and messages he sent at the times of those previous crimes.

For more information about Mobilyze contact a member of the BlackBag Sales Team.  Or why not sign up for the Certified Mobilyze Operators class and get certified to use Mobilyze today! It’s free, it only takes 90 minutes and you’ll receive a 30 day demo license for Mobilyze.

BlackBag Technologies always recommends following standard procedures laid out by your organization when using Mobilyze to collect data. We recommend (where possible) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cables or high quality generic cables to gather mobile data when using Mobilyze.